Holy Matrimony


Our parish community shares the joy of those couples looking forward to marriage. We wish them much happiness in their months of preparation for their special day, as well as throughout the years of their marriage. When they choose St. Bartholomew Church for their wedding, they plan more than just a legal contract in the state of Florida. We can help them celebrate their marriage as a sacred union in God and in the church.

Marriage Preparation

Through different meetings with the priest/deacon, a married couple, sometimes with larger groups, explores various aspects of married life: communication, role adjustments, career planning, in-laws, children, faith, etc. All Catholic Churches require couples to contact the parish at least SIX months prior to the wedding date.

Visit the Archdiocese website at  miamifamilylife.org  to learn about the various marriage preparation programs.

The Ceremony

As wedding time approaches , our parish staff will help couples plan their ceremony. Through their special selection of scripture readings and music, they can express their unique sentiments of faith and love.


Any catholic bride or groom must obtain a recently issued baptismal certificate from the church of baptism. The parish also has a few other forms for the bride and groom and some other witnesses to fill out. The couple is responsible for obtaining the marriage license from the State of Florida 2 months before the wedding date. The license will be signed after the ceremony and the Church will mail it to the county. You will not need a a separate civil ceremony -- the State of Florida recognizes the Church ceremony as legal.

Previous Marriages

A couple needs to discuss with the priest/deacon any previous marriages to find out what documents are necessary for marrying in the Catholic Church.

Our parish will gladly assist couples in any way we can. They can feel free to ask any questions about planning a wedding with us.


Also visit the USCCB's website for helpful marriage tips.