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Welcome to St. Bartholomew School





Since 1965, St. Bartholomew Parish has operated a parochial school. The school prides itself in providing a quality academic curriculum as well as strong religious and moral formation. Today's school consists of students ranging from Pre K 3 to 8th grade, with all teachers qualified to teach in the State of Florida.

The school is fully accredited by the Florida Catholic Conference and continues to produce students who do well in national testing. This success is carried on into their high school years and beyond.

The staff and faculty assist the children in their growth as total persons, provide a strong foundation of Christian values and nurture success in its students. At St. Bartholomew School computers and bibles fit together in the same learning environment

Administration and Faculty

Father Andrew Chan-A-Sue is the Administrator of St. Bartholomew Parish under which the school operates. The school is administered by Mrs. Christine Gonzalez, Principal.

St Bart's is blessed with a tremendously dedicated faculty and staff. Our teachers are professionals with an average of ten years teaching experience. We are proud of our staff's ability to instill in each student a desire to learn. Our teachers excel not just academically, but also in the example they set for students, making St. Bart's an enjoyable learning environment for all students.


Our school follows the approved curriculum of the Archdiocese of Miami. This curriculum meets all state requirements with a strong emphasis on basic skills. Additionally, we provide varied educational experiences that allow our students to view themselves as unique in potential, abilities, ethnicity, personality, and talents.

Student Achievement

Students at our School consistently outscore neighboring public schools as well as schools in the diocese on standardized tests. We have also found a positive correlation between the number of years in attendance at St. Bartholomew School and high test scores. The longer a student is with us, the better the performance.