Meet the Parish Staff

St. Bartholomew Parish is blessed with a Pastoral Staff of clergy and lay persons who serve the needs
of the parish in several languages: English, Spanish and French/Creole. 

Rev. Andrew Chan-A-Sue 

Rev. Esteker Elysé
Parochial Vicar


Mr. Montas Onelien

Mr. Michel DuChaussée


Director of Religious Education:    Mrs. Mercedes Brown    


   School Principal:                              Mrs. Christine Gonzalez    


School Counselor/Clinical Social Worker:    Mr. Gerard John LCSW


     Music Ministry
     Mrs. Betty Bunnell
     Mr. Rodolpho Gramcko
     Mrs. Monique Abraham
      Mrs. Chelene Steckler
     Mr. Michael Martinez
    Mr. Glenroy Harper

Rectory Staff

  Mrs. Maria Elena Kaplove
    Ms. Micheline Louis-Charles
Sr. MaryRose Ekwebelam
Ms. Mireille Lorminé
Ms. Kristina Fortune
Ms. Naeema Guerrier
Mr. Joseph René
Ms. Alexandra Medina